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What I’ve been up to

September 14, 2011 4 comments

I know I’ve been very quiet lately. This doesn’t mean I’ve lost my creative spirit or anything, quite the contrary! Going to college has (re)awoken my interest in so many topics and ideas that I can barely keep up. In that process, my publishing of fractal art has been neglected, though I’ve been very active in learning more about different kinds of fractals, approaching them from a mathematical point of view that wasn’t really accessible to me in the past.

What I’m really saying is that I’ve been in a deep introspective / learning phase, and though I’ve made a lot of progress and broke down a couple of significant mental barriers that were holding me back, that process has resulted in little tangible results (for now!), which is a strange feeling.

I have accumulated lots of half-finished artwork produced in bits of spare time here and there, so you will start seeing more updates to this blog as soon as I get around to finishing up some of them. No promises though!

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