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And then the Moon Turned Red

February 22, 2008 11 comments


I missed writing about this yesterday, but it’s still worth saying even if it isn’t news anymore. The eclipse was beautiful, and I was lucky enough to watch it from the roof of my building sometime after wednesday midnight. I tried capturing the moment, but ultimately settled for this abstract depiction (which hardly does the experience justice).

Intuition has always been very hard to describe for me. Generally it’s nothing more than a whisper, easily mistaken for the senseless chatter of the unconscious; it’s only the worldview I choose that gives the word its significance. Other times, such as this one, it’s a feeling so strong that it just forces me to drop everything and follow my gut. As usual, I found out about it the same day it was going to happen. As usual, the lazy part of me tried to convince me that it wasn’t going to be anything special; but as usual, the overwhelmingly strong urge to be there got the best of me.

It was definitely not the kind of thing I’d want to miss. The full moon was shining golden, red and orange, with such a force that it permeated me. It seemed like it was pulsating life, energy, pure fire. It certainly struck a chord inside, and the next day I just happened to stumble upon a story fit for the occasion, which spookily reflected my own inner struggles.

I wonder what opportunities I have been missing that could have made my day even a little bit more magical. Every night could be like this if I just chose to make it so. And what about you? Feel free to share your magical stories, ecplise-related or not, in the comments.