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November 18, 2007 1 comment

Sometimes, it’s important to drop all expectations and go at your task from a completely different angle. Life is about movement and change, so there’s no point in trying to stick to the same things forever. I have blocked my own creativity countless times by this, dismissing something before even knowing it.

When I first started building this piece, I found it rather strange. I’d been experimenting with some new techniques I learned in a tutorial I came across (one of the few that’s actually comprehensive, going beyond the program and right into the underlying principles), and the results were a bit bizarre. Anyway, rather than censor myself I’ll just put it up here, as I will continue to explore this style and see where it leads me. The sketchy feel has actually started to grow on me after a while, it’s a nice break from my usual methods.

So, what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.