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Yesterday’s fractal seemed to be the final trigger to set off something – I don’t know exactly what. I’ve been struggling to redefine everything and, most appropriately, chaos ensued. It has been a messy process.

The concept I have of blogging is quickly changing – from a static exposition of ideas to a dinamically flowing and evolving tool of communication, first and foremost with myself, but also with the many amazing individuals I’ve come to know over the last few months.

I am seeing it clearer everyday, the chorus that we form by connecting to each other, spanning the globe in mere milseconds. I feel like a single neuron hooked up to an immense net. The information, the insights I have, are meaningless on their own. But as soon as I connect and start exchanging these bits of information with others, a larger picture starts to emerge.

Back to the fireworks now. The curious things about chaotic systems is that small modifications that seem meaningless when looked at from the magnitude of the whole, can still have huge impacts: The proverbial pebble that changes the course of the avalanche.

In that context, I played around a bit with yesterday’s piece, and a few tweaks later something radically different emerged. It almost seems to fall apart at the edges, but carries a strange beauty in its bizarre shapes.


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